Why does the Senate need a President?

Get to know more about who and what a senate president is…

Under the Constitution, after the President and the Vice President – a Senate President is considered the third in line of power. He is the Chief Executive of the Senate which basically regards him as the leader and the most powerful figure in that specific committee.

Senate President Duties (1)


Unlike in the House of Representatives, where its members were elected by their own constituents, a Senator is elected by the entire voting public. Senator’s roles, while similar to that of the House of the Representatives, are rationalized to have a broader view and consideration of the whole country instead of just a specific district or city.

One of the most important roles of a Senate President is to preside over sessions and decide all points of order. These are some heavy-laden responsibility, which explains why the process of deciding over a Senate President requires a majority of votes from his/her fellow Senators.

The candidate must accumulate at least 13 Senators to vote for him/her, including any vacant seats or those Senators who will not attend the session. The Senate chamber is composed of 24 senators and in the case where votes do not reach the minimum count, the current Senate President will retain the power.

The New Senate President will assume power after he or she is elected in the beginning of the 17th Congress on July 25, 2016.



Incumbent Senate President Franklin Drilon claimed to have seven votes for him in his bout to retain his seat on to the 17th Congress, while current Senate Majority Leader and running mate of President-elect Rodrigo Duterte, Alan Peter Cayetano claims to have the confidence of more or less 15 Senators to take over the Senate Presidency.

Senator Aquilino “Koko” Pimentel III, the President of PDP-LABAN is also vying for the seat along with Senator Vicente Sotto III who claimed to have at least 18 votes to back him up.

Supporters of Duterte will either have to support Pimentel or Cayetano, who are both allies and acquaintances of Duterte. The divided support of the would likely lead the Liberal Party bet, Drilon to retain his position if one would not give way to the other for the Senate Presidency. (Dada Grifon)

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