Uberpool: Minimizing the traffic congestion in the Metro

Ah, the everyday struggle of commuting around the Metro.

It is harsh and time-consuming. Commuters spend at least two hours of travel in what can normally be traversed in 30 minutes and hell, we feel thankful that it only took us two hours, because if luck is not with us, we wouldn’t be even home until midnight with the course of our traffic situation right now.

Uber, one of the leading transportation applications launched its newest service, Uberpool, hoping to deliver a solution to the traffic congestion in Manila.

Screen shot of Uberpool video promotion
Screen shot of Uberpool video promotion

UberPool is a brand new way of commuting. Upon choosing your pick up location and drop-off destination, the app will match the customer to a car which will be picking up two to three more people around the area going to the same destination.

Through this, one ride will accommodate more than one passenger, lessening cars in the road one at a time. And because the ride will be shared by at most four passengers, the bill will be cheaper.

Although Uberpool’s perceived downside is the length of time it would take to pick up several passengers, it’s not something that an early start cannot avoid.

Uber General Manager Laurence Cua believes that the security of the passengers will not be an issue, because all passengers will be registered online, and payment will be done through credit cards, therefore everything is tracked.

UberPool is currently rolling in over 40 countries with fascinating results. Now that Manila is ready for its turn, passengers will not only enjoy a convenient way of travelling but the general public may also benefit from the decrease in number of cars on the road, hopefully leading to a less congested Metro Manila. (Luke Godoy)


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