Transnational Crimes: A risk on the World’s Health

The security of one’s nation is indeed likened to a health that must be kept on its proper state so as to keep everything else well-working. However, at some point, the existence of transnational crimes is slowly creating havoc and deterioration to the established and elusive security that the world created for its people.

Within the century, we have seen great artists, historians, scientists and leaders that made us feel proud of our existence. Yet, there are some people who seemed to be in rage because of their endless and vague fight for their ideology. While the world was built for the supposed unity of all, there are people who chose to be on the road less travelled- a road directed to ruin the lives of many and to sustain their “ideology and brotherhood.”

One of the devastating causes of transnational crimes is the alleged conspiracy of some nations. Linkages among nations of same culture and beliefs are indeed suspected for connection. In our country, it is not foreign to hear illicit services including commercial human and sex trafficking that were included to create human destruction. What happened to the holy appreciation of human flesh? The proliferation of trafficking is endangering the lives of those innocent to its nature, goals and outcomes. While some are entertained by the mere lavish of “easy money”, still, it brings both emotional and physical pain that will linger forever. What is not so forgiving to see is the system of death that is even created to destroy the fresh and innocent bodies of the young. Indeed, this is another threat to our security.

Moreover, the issue of terrorism has created a niche in the world we live in. In our country, a firm hold on Republic Act 10168 known as The Terrorism Financing Prevention and Suppression Act of 2012 clearly states our country’s stand on the main threat on most of the nations. While the government is serious on eradicating the bad elements, it is still overwhelming to know that their group grew in number each day.

In this light, the security of one’s nation is at stake. The citizens of the world should work as one to create a better “health status” for the place we live in. The security should not only start within the premises of a nation as stipulated by its law. The surrounding nations play a vital part for the “supposed security” within. True enough, with improper guidance and selfish motives, all the sickness, known or unknown, will slowly kill the nations, along with it is its people.

April Opelac

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