San Pedro Laguna Mayor Protects ‘Big-Time’ Land Grabber


A town mayor in Laguna is in ‘hot water’ after he was  accused as the “person of interest” in the supposed land  grabbing of 32 hectares of land in the province by a non-existence person.

In a press conference, Nelson Velozo, who presented himself as a marketing person of the Carlos Young Land Development Corporation, said Mayor Lourdez Cataquiz is considered as a “person of interest” in the land dispute between the Young family and the family of a certain Olivero Laperal because Cataquiz was the one who personally talk to the camp of Young every time they lodged complaint about the harassment and coercion being done by the policemen of the San Pedro Laguna to them.

Velozo also said that then San Pedro Mayor Calixto Cataquiz, husband of Mayor Cataquiz, was in fact the one who talked to him when he represented the camp of Young in tax deficiencies of the latter.

This can be proven by a video that was used in shooting the verbal agreement between Caraquiz and Velozo.

He and Levy Jobo Jr., Young’s land caretaker stressed to the media that the original owner of the 32 hectares was Carlos Young as indicated and proven by various documents that are legally registered in different government agencies that includes Land Registration Administration (LRA).

Young died several years ago.

Members of his family were killed by unknown people.

The only heir of Young was a woman whom Velozo and Jobo identified as “Snow White.”

As the camp of Young started to settle tax deficiencies at the San Pedro government, they discovered that a certain “Olivero Laperal” has been paying the real estate taxes to the same local government.

Velozo said officials of the San Pedro government prevented them for paying taxes for a number of times because Laperal has been paying the tax obligation on the 32 hectares.

The camp of Young conducted a research to find out the claim of ownership of Laperal to the 32 hectares where they discovered that Laperal has been using a land title that covers several lands in Taytay in Rizal province for his supposed ownership of the 32 hectares of land in San Pedro.

The same documents were reportedly used by Laperal to pay taxes before the San Pedro government.

Velozo said they likewise tried to meet Laperal, but no avail.

The camp of Young has been strongly asserting its legal ownership to the 32 hectares, which was part of the 4,200 hectares of land originally owned by Carlos Young, by putting up fences surrounding the disputed property, but unknown people have repeatedly destroyed the fences and put up their own through the assistance of the armed policemen like what happened on Friday afternoon.

Jobo said the camp of Young has been lodging complaints on the harassment and coercion of the Laperal camp with the assistance of the police, but Mayor Cataquiz appeared to have ignored the complaints.

He also said that they brought up the participation of the San Pedro policemen before the office of Supt. Harold Depositar, chief of Police of the San Pedro, but no avail.

Because of the non-response or snail-pace action of Cataquiz and Depositar, Velozo expressed belief that Cataquiz was possibly the “brain” of the harassment and coercion, which strongly suggest that Cataquiz was extremely interested in the 32 hectares of land.



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