Public Market in Caloocan Despite Opposition from Vendors


By: Marites Toledo


Mayor Oscar Malapitan will surely proceed with the construction of a public market in Caloocan City despite strong opposition from the vendors.

The 2-story new Public Market located at the Barangay Larangay will benefit many small businessmen and city residents, Malapitan said.

But, the vendors who were given temporary stall near the area for them to continue their business claimed that they will set aside eventually.

Thus, the vendors continues to express their protest that started on December 17.

On December 18, violence erupted as the vendors forcibly blocked the demolition team from entering the old public market.

The local government’s demolition team started its destroying the Larangay Public Market on Saturday, but was stopped after a group of vendors staged a protest.

No member of the demolition team talk to the media, which suggests that they were given a gag order to prevent imparting wrong statements.

The vendors asserted their strong opposition to the planned new public market because they firmly believed that they will be disregarded from owning a stall despite they were given temporary stalls because they were not informed about Malapitan government’s latest project.

Malapitan government’s Public Information Office (PIO) said the concerned vendors have been consulted and got their stand for a number of times but continued their strong defiance on the project despite explanations that they will not be ignored once the new market starts its operation.

As they defied the demolition of the old market for the second day, the vendors intentionally remove steel sheets installed by the local government’s demolition team at the back of the vendors’ stalls.

As the violence gripped the demolition, no official from the Malapitan government appeared and talked to the vendors on Sunday.

The vendors vowed to block the project through any form of protest.



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