By: Roy Bersales


THE Philippines is number one in Asia and 7th among 144 countries in the world in this year’s Global Gender Report.

Definitely a good news that only Senator Loren Legarda who recognized an extremely good thing that happened in the Philippines despite of being controversial country due to Duterte administration’s unprecedented bloody war against drug menace and relentless attack by President Rodrigo R. Duterte against United States’s alleged intervention to the Philippine affairs.

In a statement, veteran lawmaker and former broadcaster Legarda commended the Philippines’s “consistent high ranking in the World Economic Forum (WEF)’s Global Gender Gap Report.”

The WEF’’s Global Gender Gap Report 2016 showed Philippines closing nearly 79 percent of its gender gap, ranking first in Asia and seventh worldwide among 144 countries.

Legarda, crusader of gender equality, stressed that “The country’s high gender gap ranking is proof of the significant efforts being undertaken by the government to address gender discrimination and inequality.”

“We have proven once again that our laws are effective if we know how to make them work. We just have to sustain our gains by ensuring strict implementation of our laws,” Legarda pointed out.

The Global Gender Gap Index ranks 144 countries every year about the gap between women and men on health, education, economic, and political indicators.

The highest possible score is 1, which means a country recognizes equality, and 0 as the lowest possible score, which means inequality.

For this year, the Philippines got a grade of 1 in terms of educational attainment and the health and survival indicators.

It scored 0.78 in the economic participation and opportunity indicator and only 0.386 in the political empowerment indicator.

Legarda said “I hope that our status will not lull us into a false sense of complacency.”

“We should narrow the gender gap in most types of political and economic participation through public awareness campaigns and continuous coordination and collaboration with key stakeholders,” Legarda asserted.

The Global Gender Gap Index aims to understand whether countries are distributing their resources and opportunities equitably between women and men, irrespective of their overall income levels.

Iceland leads the ranking in the world, followed by Finland, Norway, Sweden, Rwanda, and Ireland.



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