Never Again

RidulfaJumarvin Ridulfa

While millions of Filipinos are taking advantage of their freedom today, they forget that the reason they have it now is because of the people who risked their lives during the Martial Law era.

It is ironic that the people who are complaining about the facet of the media the country has now, are the same people who believe that Martial Law did something good for the country, perpetuating false statements circulating in their Facebook newsfeeds, breeding ignorance in every comment they post.

Martial Law 2 It has been forty-three years since Martial Law happened and we still think the reason why the media continues to inform us of its effects is because they are supporters of the Yellow propaganda. They forget that the actual reason why it is important to reminisce the darkest age in Philippine history is because it should never happen again.

They seem to forget that thousands of people disappeared during those days, some were even detained. They seem to forget that Martial Law was the epitome of capitalism, political oppression, and the death of democracy.

Martial LAwOr are people just really trying to forget what happened? Or are we just afraid that all of these ‘stories’ of torture and rape was true, that if a dictatorship was to happen again in the country, that we have to experience them all over again? Has the media really been the agent of false information? Or has it always been us, who are too gullible to believe in these made-up narratives that surface through our social media accounts?

We should have learned enough by now: Martial Law wasn’t a fairy-tale story.

It was the start of a disaster. Martial Law will always remain what it is a debacle.

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