Leap of Faith

live free bigLooking back at how I first started my life as a career woman, I realized, I was extremely focused on myself. It was all about my ambitions, my success, my yearnings… I was beginning to progress in my career when God suddenly changed the course of my journey. A new and totally different path was ahead of me. This would entail sacrificing my dreams and giving up my worldly desires.

I found myself following God’s path and everything changed — changed for the better of course. Because saying “yes” to God’s plan for me to be a missionary made me a better person. It was not a perfect life nor did I get the perfect job. I was not spared the heartaches, pains and challenges. For in the midst of it all, God’s perfect love for me was more than enough.

I devoted 14 years of my life serving God full time as a missionary. 14 years of gaining new friends, exploring new territories, learning things I never thought I would, experiencing a rewarding life far beyond compare, and more importantly, being blessed with the things that matter most in life.

As I continue to move forward, God is once again opening new doors of opportunity for me. This time, He is leading me back to where I initially thought would give me the best life – back in the corporate world. At first I wondered, why did God pull me out of this life only to bring me back after so many years? Had I not left my career, I would have been “someone” already by this time. Had I not given up my job, I would have already been established and successful in my chosen field. I was suddenly struck with fears and doubts about going back for I am not the same person anymore.

But that’s precisely it! I was not the same ambitious, self-centered, career-driven, worldly person I used to be. This time, it’s not about me anymore. God now wanted me to move on and share myself to more people beyond my comfort zone. For 14 years, He was patient enough to mold me into becoming a person of true worth. He equipped me with the confidence I needed to serve Him even more — wherever He wants me to be. He needed me to be a better steward of His blessings, both the spiritual and the material ones.

I know this time around, my inspiration to excel and succeed is rooted in my desire to serve God and my family. My sense of achievement will come from what I can give and contribute more than the recognition I can receive.
I will never know exactly what else God has in store for me. For now, it’s all a leap of faith. Whenever I entrust everything to God, it will always be for the best. Time and again, God’s has proven that His best is always beyond what we need and hope for.

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