Karlie Kloss: PAL is the worst airline

Browse the social media everyday and you will definitely find people ranting about certain things, be it about workplaces, on the food they have eaten somewhere, or when riding public transport.

Former Victoria’s Secret Angel Karlie Kloss did just that, only, she blasted one of our local flag carriers – the Philippine Airlines, over its lousy service which was read by her 1.28 million Twitter followers.


Screenshot of Kylie's twiter post
Screenshot of Karlie’s twitter post

Kloss uploaded a picture of her on Snapchat, with large, red letters scrawled all over that read “NO ONE FLYS PHILIPPINE AIRLINES…. AND NOW I KNOW WHY.”

She then put it on her Twitter account, writing that PAL has the “worst customer service of all time; most budget airline; rude and disrespectful.”

She continued to release her complaints on Snapchat, saying: “I travel international on a weekly basis. I have never had a worse customer experience than I have tonight. Thanks Philippine Air.”

Finally, on her ride back home, she stated using yet another Snapchat video that she missed her flight with PAL.

Hours after her rants online, PAL responded to her tweets and apologized. Kloss expressed her gratitude and said she will privately message them.

On June 8, PAL released an official statement on the issue. They revealed that Kloss actually arrived at the JFK International Airport 20 minutes late before the flight’s assembly time, hence missing it.

“To show the heart of the Filipino, we are extending her assistance to facilitate the refund of her unused ticket or to facilitate the re-booking of her flight,” said PAL in their statement. (Luke Godoy)

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