By: Roy Bersales


“KILL Trump!”

This was the strong demand of the protesters against Donald J. Trump who won the recently concluded presidential elections.

The massive protest is gaining ground on almost all states of the United States of America.

Reports reaching the Philippine media said the protesters, mostly youth and students, could not accept Trump as the next President of the United States, which prodded them to publicly call on his death saying “kill Trump.”

Trump, Republican Party’s presidential timber, is the 45th US President after he won in the electoral college.

Hillary Clinton, Democrat’s bet, won in the popular polls, but lost in the electoral college.

The electoral college is the last process in the US Presidential system since 1700s.

The American electorate knows this system and no one dared and aggressively pushed for its change.

A change of the system needs an amendment of the US Constitution.

Few hours after his victory on November 8, Trump spoke to his supporters where he stressed unity of the American people towards making America great again.

Despite of this positive statement, protest erupted like a fire on Thursday.

It continued until today.

Thus, Trump hits the media for pushing the people to hold massive protest.

He described the protesters as “professional protesters” whose opposition to his victory as “very unfair” that was instigated by the media.

The protesters called on the public to “kill Trump.”

He was even blasted by saying “f… Trump.”

Others asserted Trump “is not my president.”



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