Islamic State claims Jakarta Attacks

Jumarvin R. Ridulfa

On January 14, Indonesia’s capital Jakarta was shaken by a series of attacks near a Starbucks coffee shop near Sarinah shopping mall on Thamrin street.

As reported by the police, customers were running out of the café while two gunmen opened fire. A Canadian man was killed and an Indonesian was wounded. One of the witnesses of the scene, Guruh Purwanto, said the gunmen ran into a nearby theatre afterwards.

After a few minutes, two other suicide bombers attacked a policeman nearby which resulted to the bombers’ death and of a civilian Indonesian. Then, two gunmen attacked a group of policemen. A gun battle occurred for about fifteen minutes, causing the death of both attackers. Purwanto said the attackers blew themselves up.

The Islamic State (IS) confirmed that they were responsible for the attacks, noted in a statement online. The attacks were said to be carried out by “soldiers of the Caliphate”, targeting “citizens of the Crusader coalition” against the group. It was also described as an attempt to mimic the Paris attacks.

Indonesia stands as the world’s most populous Muslim-majority country as of the moment, with 210 million people of its 250-million population being Muslim.

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