Introducing’ green amore,’ the new three-in-one drug

Remember the pill that allegedly killed 5 Close Up Concert attendees? Well, here’s an interesting fact:

You know the thing in businesses where you’ll need to revive an old, boring product and transform it into a brand new one?

That’s the exact origin of the deadly pill; apparently, some drug lord brewed 3 usual drug together – ‘combine the obsolete and outdated product to create a new exciting one – and voila! The Green Amore, unimaginably lethal, was produced.

During the 12-hour Close Up Forever Rave Concert last May 21, five individuals were found unconscious around the concert grounds of SM Mall of Asia. They were rushed to different hospitals, but eventually declared dead. The likely cause: a drug called green amore, or fly high, a small, green pill which has yet to be included to the list of prohibited drugs under the law.

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What does it contain?

After laboratory examinations, green amore appeared to be a mixture of three, well-known drugs:

  • ECSTACY or Methylenedioxymethamphetamine (MDMA)
  • SHABU, also known as Methamphetamine hydrochlorid
  • And CIALIS, a milder version of Viagra.

If taken, effects include loss of appetite, insomnia, and hypersexuality; basically the effects of all three-ingredient-drugs in one go.

What did it do?

As expected, combining these drugs resulted ina laboratory chemical unfit for human consumption or veterinary use, making it more dangerous” according to the analysis by NBI forensics.

The victims died of heart failure due to staggering high blood pressure and brain injury. Curiously, two of them have blackened hearts and bleeding internal organs too.

Because of the casualties in the said concert, the green amore drug was nicknamed the “new party drug,” and is considered one of the most deadly, if not mysterious, illegal drug as of late.

So far, it is unclear whether the victims took the drug on purpose or was slipped in their drinks. Heat stroke and poisoning were also considered aside from the intake of drugs, but with the bitter state of the victims and them being five persons during a single event, it was unlikely.

Joshua Habalo, 23, believed to have peddled drugs during the concert, was arrested by NBI in Pasay City on May 28, cases will be filed against Habalo under the Comprehensive Dangerous Drug Act.

The act does not specifically prohibit the use of drug in any event; therefore no law encompasses what transpired in the concert. A new law is necessary, and legislators should look into this unprecedented and unfortunate case as its foundation. (Luke Godoy)

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