In the Midst of Conflict and Crisis: What is God Telling Us?

live freeIn light of the recent happenings all over the world – conflicts in Syria and in Zamboanga, Philippines, attacks in Nairobi, Kenya and in Pakistan – we are once again witnessing senseless violence and the sacrifice of many innocent lives.
As a mom, my heart goes out most especially to the young ones who lost a parent, victims whose lives were cut short, and families tragically left behind. I may not know exactly what the bereaved families are going through right now, but I believe, nothing can quite compare to the emotional pain of losing a loved one.

People come into our lives as blessings. It is difficult to imagine being in this world without them, especially people we love the most.
When circumstances such as these arise, I am reminded to value life and relationships even more:

Never miss an opportunity to let the people we love know how precious they are to us.
Time spent with family and friends should be time well-spent. Let us enrich our lives by loving the people closest to our hearts and make sure they experience it more and more each day.

Invest in relationships — even with people we’ve just met or have known for a while.
A simple act of kindness is sometimes all it takes to make a difference. Thanking the guard who opened the door — even if he is just doing his job. A word of encouragement to a colleague at work — we never know, but it just might be what someone needs at that particular moment.

Share the good news of God to as many people as we can.
If God is alive in our hearts, people can see and experience it. People tend to lose hope, courage, meaning in their lives if God is not part of it.

Live life to the fullest.
Make each moment count. Never waste a day in our life feeling down and hopeless but always look forward to God’s plans and what life has to offer.

In times of trials and conflict, God’s desire to be part of more lives becomes more evident. Let’s make Him known to this world. Bring Him to more people in order for others to get to know him in a deeper, more personal way.

For those who are suffering and mourning, it may be tempting to ask, “Where is God in all of this?”

I believe we need to realize, bad things happen when we take God out of our lives; we wallow in our sinfulness, our denial, our pride. We tend to push God away because we feel that the world doesn’t need Him.

Apart from God, it is difficult to see goodness in this world.

But no matter how much we push God away, He will always be there to comfort us, to give us hope, to uplift us and to bear our pains. All we need is to ask and to seek Him in the midst of tragedies happening around us.

God will and can bring light goodness and blessings out of any tragic moment.

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