HR Group Defends Killed Drug Lords, Drug Dealers



killed-drug-dealerBy: Marites Badilla


A human rights group has virtually defended the people connected in drug trafficking as it strongly lambasted Pres. Rodrigo Duterte’s war on drug menace.

In a statement, the Task Force Detainees of the Philippines (TFDP) said “Our rights are being trampled upon. Our fundamental right to life is under attack. More than 5,000 have been killed in this war on drugs in a span of five months.”

Philippine National Police (PNP) data as of December 3 showed that 4,473,805 houses have been visited via OplanTokhang. Around 37,626 operations were held that resulted to the arrest of 38,999 drug pushers and users.

At least 834,487 have surrendered.

TFDP averred that the “right to life is non-derogable and therefore no circumstance nor situation can deny any human being his/her life.”

Thus, the group called on the public to display “vigilance and principled unity in defense of our rights, our lives, our dignity and our future.”

At this critical juncture where the lives and dignity of the people are under fire and at this time of great peril where tyranny threatens to plunge us into darkness once again due to war on drugs, TFDP said.

The group noted Duterte’s pronouncement that there will be more killings in so far as anti-illegal drug campaign.

The President was referring to the drug dealers who will put up a fight against arresting policemen. killed-drug-lord-1

TFDP likewise assailed Duterte’s support to the policemen who killed Albuera Mayor Rolando Espinosa Sr.

TFDP strongly lamented that “A dangerous doctrine is being peddled by the president, an alleged criminal is presumed guilty without due process and alleged criminals forfeit their rights.”

“Our lives are threatened. Even as our rights are trampled upon, our very lives are threatened, our security to our homes violated. OplanTokhang and Double Barrel are reminiscent of the “zoning operations” and hamletting of the martial law era. In the urban poor communities, the people are left with no choice but to accede to the illegal entry of police into their homes. To refuse is to court the ire of the death squads now roaming with impunity,” the group said.

It said that “Our dignity is desecrated. Our values are distorted, our principles turned on its head, our advocacies demonized by this current administration. Life and rights are no longer for all but are contingent on the whims of the president and his minions. Human rights are no longer shared principles and can be set aside in this war on drugs. To defend life and to promote human rights are no longer common visions but are shields used by criminals to destroy our country.”

To cherish life, to love thy neighbor, to defend the weak and downtrodden are anathema to this administration’s fanatical drive to win the war on drugs and crime, it added.

“Our future is in peril. When human rights are under fire and can no longer be the measure of governance and development, our future is in peril. When the most notorious of human rights violators is interred in the cemetery for heroes, then our stories of courage and resistance are in danger. When impunity reigns and the rule of law is shunned by the powers that be, then our society is plunging into the pit of darkness,” TFDP explained.



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