How to forgive and how to forget

forgivenessLATELY, I’ve been through a lot of pondering. How is it to really forgive and how is it to really forget? From my years of missionary work, I have witnessed a lot of falling into sin and standing up again. I’ve seen and encountered moments of darkness to seeing the light. And forgetting the past.. moving on? People doing things over and over again. Sinning over and over again — lying, using, killing, ouch.. over and over again. Does it makes us all stupid if we keep on being patient and forgiving all the time? What do we need to learn or need to do? What words to use to encourage, to forgive, to be more giving, to be more loving?

I have sinned too. Yes, we are all sinners..But then we all react and get hurt when someone betrays us, lies to us, uses us. It hurts right? When someone lies to me, I get hurt — man, to the deep. When someone does not do what he or she is supposed to do, I get disappointed. But then again we get to face the truth about living, that there will always be situations that people could hurt us, will hurt us.

St. Pope John XXIII nighttime prayer was “It’s your Church, Lord; I’m going to bed.”

This very prayer taught me 3 things:

1. Forgive all those who’ve hurt you and sleep.

How to do it? Decide to forgive even if it’s hard. Decide. Do you need to hear the words “I am sorry?” No, you don’t need to. God forgave you even before you said sorry. Take note of it in your heart and mind.. “I forgive this person.” Offer it up as a prayer.

2. Forget all the hurts, the lies, the betrayal, but not the person.

Forget the sins, but not the sinner. And sleep. How to do it? Again, DECIDE. Decide to not remember it at all. This will take more time, I know. But then you’ll see later, you will be more peaceful in the end. And yeah, do not forget the person — even if you’re dying to, The best thing to do, pray for him or her, for them to repent, find peace and recognize their imperfections. Yes, love them.. until it hurts.

3. Go to bed. Rest. Sleep.

After all, worrying and whining over it is not worth it. Better to rest, sleep and keep on loving. Yep.. until it hurts. Let go.. and Let Him.

“Even the darkest night will end and the sun will rise.”
– Victor Hugo, Les Misérables

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