Grade 10 Student Stabbed 40X


By: Marites Toledo


POLICE are puzzled why a Grade 10 student needs to be stabbed 40 times just to get his mobile phone and P200 pocket money.

16th-year-old Kenneth Velasco was even stabbed in his neck and nape by unknown suspect/s in Baguio City, police said.

Reports reaching Camp Crame (Philippine National Police national headquarter) in Quezon City, said Velasco was rushed to the Baguio General Hospital by concerned citizens, but was pronounced dead upon arrival by the attending physician.

Velasco’s 40 stab wounds were all small suggesting that the suspect/s used could be an ice pick.

Police said the victim was stabbed in a small alley near a public school in Barangay Labsan.

Police said Velasco suffered 40 stab wounds in various parts of the body, which include nape, neck, and chest.

Claire Velasco, the victim’s mother, told the Baguio-based reporters that her son told him before that he had a classmate who was robbed in the said alley where his son died.

Thus, she told her son not to take that alley in going to school, or going back home.

It turned out, Velasco did not listen to his mother’s advice since he died in the said alley.

Police said the victim’s mother told investigators that her son had a mobile phone and P200 pocket money, but were missing.

Thus, police probers are thinking that Velasco was robbed.

Police vowed to solve the crime to get justice in the said senseless killing.



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