By: Marites Toledo


VICE-PRESIDENT Ma. Leonor “Leni” Robredo, leader of the Liberal Party (LP), has been projecting herself that the biggest majority of the Filipino people looked at her as better than President Rodrigo Duterte, because she expresses her point in ‘proper’ manner, while the President expresses himself in harsh words.

But, statistics provided by the Social Weather Station (SWS) showed that Robredo got 58 percent satisfactory net rating as of the fourth quarter of 2016.

SWS said Robredo got 21% dissatisfaction score, while 20 percent were undecided.

In the survey held by SWS from Dec. 2 to 6, Robredo’s score was only “good” and not excellent nor a very satisfactory rating.

Duterte got an excellent rating in the fourth quarter survey of the SWS.

SWS said Robrero’s net rating (percent satisfied minus percent dissatisfied) of +37, 12 points down from her third quarter rating of +49 (65 percent satisfied minus 16 percent dissatisfied).

The SWS classifies net satisfaction ratings of +70 and above as “excellent”, +50 to +69 as “very good”, +30 to +49 is “good”, +10 to +29 is “moderate”, +9 to -9 is “neutral”, -10 to -29 is “poor”, -30 to -49 is “bad”, -50 to -69 is “very bad”, and -70 and below is “execrable.”

The fourth quarter net public satisfaction poll was taken from December 3 to 6, using face-to-face interviews with 1,500 adults nationwide.

The poll has a ±3% sampling error margin.



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