Stirring Public Outrage – what’s next?

During the latest press conference held  in Davao City, the Filipino Community, noting Duterte’s actions, cursing and remarks about the Church, the media, the killings, catcalling women and more cursing – were waiting on what he has to say next. He delivered more than expected though, (positively or negatively, you decide).

Media Killings: ‘There are three kinds of journalists’

His statement about the unabated murders of journalists received mixed criticisms, so Duterte opted to clarify his words.

He enumerated three kinds of journalists. First, those who are the “crusaders of truth,” who tells the story in its whole form, untainted from bribe, and seldom murdered. Second, the “mouthpieces of vested interests,” an agent inclined to a certain business of company, like a public officer of sort. And third, the “vultures of journalism,” who Duterte labels as the low-life of the field, keeping their stories from the truth, and often receives money from illegal means.

The last kind of journalists is most likely to be murdered, Duterte said. He also underlined the fact that journalism killings happen almost everywhere.

Boycotting Duterte: ‘I do not care if no one is covering me’

News came to Duterte that the international group of journalists Reporters Without Borders encourages all Filipino media outfits to boycott the president-elect until an apology is delivered. Duterte did not fold on this matter, and said that he doesn’t care if no one is covering him.

“Do not ever think that I am here to beautify a journalist,” he said. He even told the reporters present that they can consider this their last trip to Davao and “don’t ever come back.”

Catcalling: ‘It’s a freedom of expression’

During his last presscon, GMA reporter Mariz Umali asked Dutere a question, but before answering, he whistled at her, sang a song, and even told her that she was always calling his attention.

Netizens and women activist groups see this attitude as catcalling, a form of sexual harassment. But the president-elect do not see it as such, and underlined his “freedom of expression.”

“I was exasperated by the question. Whistling is not a sexual thing. he said, and further added that “[You] do not have any business stopping me. That is a freedom of expression.”

Which directly contradict his city’s Women’s Development Code showing that catcalling is a punishable crime.

UN: ‘You better keep quiet’

And with all these rather inappropriate actions Duterte have already preformed, he may face apparent lawsuits in the future, as prescribed by the conventions of the United Nations on the behavior of state heads. However UN, an international institution concerned for peace and security, received foul words from him.

“Bullshit to them… You’re a son of a bitch, UN. You can’t even solve the killings there in the Middle East… They’re killing people. You cannot even lift a finger in Africa… They’re butchering the black people there,” he pointedly said.

Duterte's Statements that caused public outrage(so far)

After this circus of a press conference, Duterte gave anew the people many topics to argue about (again), even weeks before his inauguration. His statements above may be considered inappropriate due to its lashing and straightforward nature, making various experts and groups digress from him. Duterte, on the other hand, gained number of supporters too, and surprisingly a great one at that.

Guess will just see what’s next for the Philippines and how it goes for everyone as days pass. (Luke Godoy)

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