Duterte Hits US Gov’t


By: Marites Toledo


THE United States government gave President Rodrigo Duterte another reason to berate the long-time friend of the Philippines.

Duterte said the Millennium Challenge Corporation (MCC) can “eat its money.”

MCC is a US government’s  independent foreign aid agency.

Duterte’s latest tirade at the US government was his reaction after the MCC announced its decision not to release the $430 Million grant to the country for economic improvement purposes.

Last October of this year, MCC gave the country a grant that was used for infrastructure projects.

MCC decided not to release the $430 Million on schedule as it questioned the respect of the Duterte administration on the rule of law and civil liberties in the country.

MCC said it will review the status of the Philippines to find out what’s going on in the Philippines.

MCC did not specifically disclosed the issues that it raised against the Duterte administration.

But it appears it is concerned with the war on drugs in the country that disappoints the MCC.

Duterte sarcastically said “Kainin na ninyo ‘yang dollar ninyo! Letse kayo!”

He continued: “If you think that we are not a behaved civilized people, then go out of the Philippines. We don’t need you, we don’t need the aid, we will survive.”

Duterte added other country like China is very much willing to help the Philippines in its financial needs.

China is offering a $50-billion aid to the county, Duterte noted.

As this happened, Duterte reminded the U.S. that his administration is serious in abrogating the Visiting Forces Agreement (VFA) between the Philippines and the US.

Duterte said “Yes, if that is how discourteous they are. I don’t want to have dealings with you. Pini-picture n’yo kami na patay-gutom, sige umalis kayo! Visiting Forces Agreement, what? Tinuturuan nila ‘yung mga sundalong Pilipino? Mas mahusay pa, we are 10 times better than them.”

The American troops are actually the “losers.”



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