Duterte gets flak from Tondo voters

DuterteTONDO, MANILA – TOUGH-talking Davao City Mayor and PDP-Laban presidential bet Rodrigo Duterte vowed to eradicate criminality in just six months if elected president in this year May Presidential election.

Duterte made the declaration as he and his running mate, Senator Alan Peter Cayetano, formally launched their presidential and vice presidential bid last Tuesday at the heart of Tondo Manila.

The proclamation was held at the corner of Morga and Zamora Streets, a known lair of neighborhood toughie and leaders of notorious gangs, where a large stage was put up for the proclamation rally.

“People of Tondo dream of something new. I promised you something. But if you really know me, I will deliver. I will do it even if i lose my life, honor and even the presidency. I will deliver on my promises.” Duterte declared in facing about 3,000 residents of Morga and Zamora streets.

Aside from combating crime, particularly illegal drugs, Duterte also promised to address the corruption issues under their campaign slogan “Tunay na Pagbabago”.

He added that his administration will also focus on the empowerment of the poor people, rescuing them from the clutches of poverty.

And as if bribing the electorate, Duterte declared that he will not only sustain but would increase the cash grants for the poor as well as double the salaries of soldiers and policemen. He however warned them not to engage in illegal activities.

Duterte also took potshot on President Aquino’s administration saying that there is no such thing as “Tuwid na Daan”.

The proclamation started at 7 p.m with Duterte arriving with his partner Cielito Avancena and daugther Veronica.

But some of Duterte’s pronouncement does not “sit well” with the some of the crowd particularly when he declared that he would implement the economic measures similar to what was done by the late strongman Ferdinand Marcos.

He went further by claiming that Marcos was the best president the Philippines has ever had, if not only for being a dictator.

A group of Tondo elders, who apparently knew what it is like during Marcos martial law was obviously turnoff with what they heard from Duterte.

Aside from neighborhood toughie and gangs, Tondo was also known as hotbed of militant groups during martial law.

The group in rebuking Duterte blurted “Eh Marcos loyalist pala itong sirang ulong ito.”

They also expressed disgust when they learned that Duterte was closely associated with Pastor Apollo Quibuloy founding leader and Executive Pastor of the Kingdom of Jesus Christ.

Quibuloy in one interview of an American press declared that he was appointed the son of God.

When asked who appointed him, Quibuloy without batting an eyelash allegedly told the reporter “you should ask God himself>”

Duterte in one TV interview declared that he does want to be associated with businessman and the so-called king makers but admitted that he has close connection with Quibuloy. – Magtangol Bonifacio

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