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THE militant Bukluran ng Manggagawang Pilipino (BMP) on Monday strongly urged President Rodrigo Roa Duterte to make good of his promise to the workers of ending all forms of contractualization.

BMP president Leody de Guzman said Duterte should make a decisive decision and action to end contractualization.

Atty. Jose Sonny Matula, president of the Federation of Free Workers (FFW), said Duterte should stop all forms of contractualization because all of them are anti-workers.

Matula stressed that any form of contractualization is a form of exploitation on workers.

De Guzman’s and Matula’s statements were their groups’ reactions to the proposed draft of the Department of Labor and Employment (DOLE) apparently to end contractualization in the country.

DOLE Secretary Sylvestre Bello III said the DOLE has come up with a concrete solution on how to end contractualization in the country little by little without destabilizing the business sector.

De Guzman strongly argued that “The new draft Department Order (DO) is a mere attempt to rehash DO 18-A with sophisticated words to continue justifying contractualization under the Duterte regime.”

Because DOLE’s proposal to end contractualization, De Guzman emphasized that the BMP is strongly challenging Duterte to immediately issue an Executive Order (EO) to strictly prohibit all forms of contractualization by urgently signing a draft EO, which BMP crafted and submitted to Duterte last November 10, 2016 for instant presidential executive action.

BMP believed that Duterte could end contractualization by simply issuing an EO like what he did in carrying out the Freedom of Information (FOI).

Duterte did not bother the Congress to approve and pass a proposed law on FOI, because he instead released an EO to have a FOI—that was a decisive move.

Matula said DOLE has still enough time to abruptly change its mind on its proposed DOLE draft to end contractualization before December ends.

FFW and BMP leaders said their demand is that the DOLE must issue an order directing all businessmen, regardless of status, must abide with the Labor Code of the Philippines by immediately promoting their contractual workers or employees as regular employees.

De Guzman said Bello has clearly showed his true color: pro capitalist and anti-labor.



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