Biggest female artists group to brandish Pinoy heritage at Podium

The biggest gathering of women artists in the Philippines is set to showcase the country’s cultural heritage at The Podium on May 19-22.

The United Women Artists Association of the Philippines (UWAAP) will retell Filipino cultural inheritance in about 50 artworks, Menchu VB Arandilla, UWAAP president, said on Saturday.

With theme “Mga Tradisyong Filipino,” the female artists will “showcase the rich Filipino customs and ways of life through the art of UWAAP,” she said.

One of the 25 participants is a nun, Sr. Venus Marie S. Pegar of the Sisters of Francis Xavier, who will unfold her rendition of one of the oldest religious structures in Intramuros, which served as bastion of colonial power during the Spanish time.

Executives from the Rotary Club, foundations, banks, and other organizations will join other VIPs  grace the exhibit, Arandilla said.

She expressed gratitude to The Podium, Filipino Heritage Foundation, Inc. and other groups as well as individuals who are supporting the four-day exhibit.

The event will be UWAAP’s sixth grandest art exhibit since its foundation in Manila two years ago.

UWAAP, currently binding about 500 members, was founded by Arandilla in January 2014 on the vision of empowering Filipina artists here and abroad. (Oliver Samson)

In photo. An entry to the United Women Artists Association of the Philippines’ (UWAAP) “Mga Tradisyong Filipino” at The Podium by UWAAP president Menchu VB Arandilla. (Courtesy of UWAAP)










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