Bello Offers “Grand Deception” Christmas Gift to the Workers


By: Marites Toledo


NAGKAISA Coalition, an alliance of 47 labor federations and unions, assailed the Christmas gift of the Labor Secretary Sylvestre Bello III to over 67 Million Filipino workers on contractualization.

The Trade Union Congress of the Philippines (TUCP), one of the members of Nagkaisa, said Bello and his gang including leftist and former New People’s Army (NPA) commander, the Department Order No. 30 (DO  30) was a “grand deception,” because Bello and his gang made it appear that it stopped contractualization.

TUCP said DO 30 that it replaced DO 18 only to put an end to sub-contractualization, another form of contractualization.

This means that the principal companies are not allowed to hire and contract another small companies to work on other aspects of the products they produced.

The purpose of this, according to the Department of Labor and Employment (DOLE), it finally ends the exploitation being done by the fly-by-night firms on the workers.

However, TUCP argued that it did prevent the mother companies to directly hire workers as contractuals to work on other aspects of the product they produce.

Even the DO 30’s directive that the DOLE regional directors, or the National Labor Relations Commission (NLRC) would decide on the regularization of the workers so that the latter would not go to the Supreme Court if in case they were rejected by their firms.

Bello said DOLE could only such things because other forms of contractualization would only end if the Congress amends the existing laws that legally allow various forms of contractualization.

TUCP strongly argued that Bello and his gang even used DO 30 to make it appear that its decision to kill one form of contractualizations was consistent to the campaign promise of then presidential candidate Rodrigo Duterte.

Bello said DO 30 was a product of a series of consultations of DOLE with various labor leaders.

Nagkaisa emphasized that they told Bello and his gang to end all forms of contractualization.

The proposed laws that will end contractualization are getting dust in both the chambers of the Congress.



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