Ano ang maaaring gawin ng mga paaralan/mga magulang/lipunan upang hindi dumami ang mga tulad ni Mark Solis?

Nagulantang ang mundo ng social media nang maiulat na isang University of the Philippines graduate student ay nanalo sa isang photography contest gamit ang isang photo na hindi naman kanya. Hindi ito unang pagkakataong nagawa ni Mark Solis na magnakaw ng mga litratong kuha ng iba, at hindi rin bago sa kanya na manalo at makilala dahil sa mga nasabing nakaw na larawan. Nagtanong kami sa mga netizens:

Ano ang maaaring gawin ng mga paaralan/mga magulang/lipunan upang hindi dumami ang mga tulad
ni Mark Solis?

“The way I see it, Mark said in his interview, that he did it because he needed money for his studies and so forth. This is a question of prioritizing our values system. Teachers and parents must learn to appreciate the talents of the children, young as they are. Let them understand how valuable it is to make use of the gifts original, unique and essential; that it is wrong to covet thy neighbor’s goods; that what is in us will hold true for us and if we try to steal the gifts of others that will pull out a fraction of our goodness.”
~ Frence Boiser, admin officer, Tagaytay

“Don’t be a [bad] example. Kung nakikita ng bata na walang kurakot, hindi niya gagawin ‘yun.”
~ Jathniel Canar, supply chain officer, Sta. Cruz, Manila

“For the parents and school to prevent more Mark Solises, teach the right values siyempre. Sometimes, we put too much value on education and success to the point that forgot the “true values” we should have. For the parents and the society, stop putting too much pressure on your children — that they should be like this and like that, to earn more etc, because family and friends usually have big influence to a person.” ~ Jaqueline Li, dentist, Quezon City

“I think it has to do with values that parents instill in their kids, the character that is developed by parents and teachers. Like, I would never think of doing that just to rise above my peers or colleagues or to gain fame or notoriety for that matter.” ~ Roy Verdolaga, administrative assistant, Cubao, Quezon City

“The way to success is strewn with temptations to cheat, to cut corners and to want to get there in the fastest way without regard of the consequences if found out..Kasi sooner or later, he will get found out.”~ Dolores Ella, guro, Antipolo City

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