Tapat is guided by the following general objectives:

1.  To inform and educate the Filipino reader 

While the newspaper goes about carrying out these objectives, it does not stop at the level of the news. Tapat helps readers go beyond the news, so that they are moved to interpret it, form sound opinions, and be active participants in their own spheres in society rather than mere passive readers of what is going on around them.

2.   To present a more well-rounded picture of the world.

Tabloids have become synonymous with crime stories, sensational accounts of incidents, and sexualized treatment of certain sections. The target readers of the tabloid, just as any segment of the reading public, have a right to accurate, uplifting and formative news sources that are not limited to the grisly side of daily events and a perennially cynical tone on commentaries. Tapat helps readers by bringing to their attention more of the good side of the news – while not disregarding issues of prime importance – and less of the bad. In a way, Tapat is supplementary – it provides what is lacking in other sources of news. In the same way, it spares readers from the “cultural dirt” with which they are already bombarded.

Publisher:  AREOPAGUS Communications Inc.


Tapat is published  by  Areopagus Communications Inc.

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