7 Tips to a Hassle-Free Flight!

In line with incident between Karlie Kloss and PAL Airlines, a few reminders came to mind! To ensure your flight would be hassle-free, you may use this checklist:


Arrive to the airport at least 2 hours before your flight schedule. 

You’ll never know what changes might happen before your flight, so give yourself some allowance to avoid cramming and missing your flight. You can spend this time checking your things and preparing for inspection.

Check your passports, visas, and all necessary ID’s. 

Double check if they are updated and compatible with your destination.

Stay healthy! Make sure to take your required medications before the flight.

Getting sick on the airplane is the worst thing that can happen to you… especially when you’re 30,000 feet above the ground.

Travel lightly and arrange all your things ahead of time and in an orderly manner.

Best to put all your ID’s and important possessions on a pocket you can easily reach to avoid confusion.

Don’t bring prohibited items, such as sharp objects, firearms, bombs, worker tools, and LAG’s (liquids, aerosols, and gels).

Get ready for inspection, or else you’ll be delayed for the flight. Never bring things that ‘might’ put you in trouble with the security.

Check the airline’s or airport’s website frequently to learn any change in schedules. If they have mobile applications available, install it on your gadgets to acquire information on the go.

Almost all airlines have mobile applications nowadays, so you’ll be fine. While travelling to the airport, check the apps to keep you posted.

Ask some insights of your friends when choosing an airline or an airport to go into.

Your friends who have traveled most of the time probably tried a number of airlines already, and it’s best to get ideas from them to enlighten you. Choosing the airlines is pretty hard; sometimes they just look all identical.

We may end up not knowing the real deal why the supermodel ended up dropping those comments about the employees and the airlines – regardless, it is important to think carefully before putting harsh comments on social media.

Keep in mind that posts can be shared maybe a hundred times, and will receive mixed criticisms.

While it is not forbidden to negatively react to something – or to someone, for that matter – putting it all in good faith is the best deal you’ve got. (Luke Godoy)

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